About the contest

The Contest Organizers are: the Polish Naval Academy, OBR CTM S.A. as well as the Gdansk International Fair Co., acting on the basis of an agreement dated 3 November 2011 on the common organization of the NATCON Conference. During the Contest three equivalent distinctions in the form of Crystal Lighthouses will be awarded.

In 2020 year The Contest will be organized by forth time. We invite all participants to look at the contest overview and apply the papers by application form. 

Awarded participants of III edition of the competitions "Crystal Lighouse" 2018:

Dominik FILIPIAK, Milena STRÓŻYNA, Krzysztof WĘCEL, Witold ABRAMOWICZ, Title: " Big Data for Anomaly Detection in Maritime Surveillance: Spatial AIS Data Analysis for Tankers";

Robert MATYSZKIEL, Janusz MIKOŁAJCZYK, Dariusz SZABRA, Bogusław GROCHOWINA, Zbigniew BIELECKI, Title: "The use of safe hybrid communication fso/rf for marine applications";

Michał NAROŻNY, Paweł POLAŃSKI, Rafał NAMIOTKO, Marta CZARNOWSKA, Title: " Relationship between basic physiochemical properties of seawater and magnitude of underwater electric field".

Awarded participants of II edition of the competitions "Crystal Lighouse" 2016:

dr inż. Paweł POLAŃSKI i Franciszek SZARKOWSKI, Title: „Modern ship degaussing system for newly built vessels„;

kmdr ppor. dr inż. Rafał MIĘTKIEWICZ, Title „Possible applications of USVs in polish Navy”;

mjr dr inż. Paweł DOBRZYŃSKI, prof. dr hab. inż. Mirosław GERIGK, dr Stanisław LIPSKI, Bogdan MACHOWSKI, Title: “The concept of minature supercavity rocket-propelled torpedoes for manned and unmanned systems of naval combat”.

Awarded participants of I edition of the competitions "Crystal Lighouse" 2014:

płk dr Waldemar SCHEFFS, Title: „Assumptions for marine system reconnaissance in activities about network-centric”;

dr inż. Przemysław POZAŃSKI i Mieczysław GRABOWSKI, Title„Pneumatic countermeasure system for terrorist threats from divers”;

kmdr por. Mirosław CHMIELIŃSKI, Szymon KUBISIAK, Mirosław GOŁYGA, Title „Diagnosis of the technical condition of artillery barrels using the videoscope”.